2014 Elections Information

President and Board


Outcomes of the EAHIL President and Board elections May 2014

for President:

Marshall Dozier - elected for 2nd term (2015-2016)
248 votes, 11 abstentions

for Board membership:

Lotta Haglund - elected to executive position on Board for the term 2015-2018
108 votes

Karen-Johanne Buset - becomes co-opted (observer) member of Board for the term 2015-2016
80 votes

Francesca Gualtieri - becomes co-opted (observer) member of Board for the term 2015-2016
58 votes

EAHIL Council election 2014 for the period 2015-2018

Call for nominations

The Council is an advisory group for the Board and acts as a link between the members in their country and the Association. Council members also have an important role in publicising EAHIL and recruiting new members. The Council usually meets formally once a year at the time of the annual EAHIL conference or workshop.

Councillors are elected for a term of four years by the voting EAHIL members resident in their country. Councillors may be re-elected once, after which they are not eligible for re-election until they have been absent from the Council for two years.

Each member state of the Council of Europe is eligible to elect councilors, provided that there are at least at least five voting members based in the country:

  • fewer than 5 voting members = 0 councillors
  • 5-29 voting members = 1 councillor
  • 30-54 voting members = 2 councillors
  • 55 and over = 3 councillors

This list linked here details the Council vacancies by country for the term starting in 2015. The available places were calculated based on a count of all EAHIL members on 8 May 2014. If the number of members increases by 26 September 2014, there may be an entitlement of an additional Councillor in some countries.

Procedure for nominating Council members

The nomination form may be downloaded from these links:
Council Nomination form PDF
Council Nomination form RTF
Any two members can nominate a Council member from their own country. Please send the fully completed form not later than 22 August 2014* to the EAHIL Nomination Committee (address is on the form).


Voting will be conducted electronically in October 2014. To be able to vote, please make sure that you have an up-to-date email address in the membership database (https://fd8.formdesk.com/EAHIL/membership).

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